Chebogue River, Chebogue, NS

End of the Season
It isn’t unlucky that it’s the end of the season, it’s just a bit different feeling around here.
Many of our summer residents, both human and wildlife have migrated or begun to migrate south, and the fall is settling in, although the weather has been much warmer than usual. The yacht club at Chebogue sees many boats on land now, but there are a few still out in the river. The geese and ducks have begun to shift – the summer residents on their way south, but waterfowl from further north will arrive soon, and some will stay the winter.
It's a time of change, a time for preparing for the seasons to come, but also a time to reflect on the summer past and the fun with family and friends. Thanksgiving was just that, full of thanks for family and the chance to visit, and a wonderful way to start the new season.
Fall in Nova Scotia is a special time, full of colour and a time to fall back into a slower rhythm.
Soon enough, the next season will come, as the beauty of fall fades to an equally beautiful time of winter. Despite stores already taking down Halloween stuff and putting up Christmas stuff, I’ll take my time and appreciate the fall. Without rushing, and at a slower pace. That’s what fall is all about.