Old Barn, Perkinsville, Vermont

Old Barns
There is something about old barns that draws me in. My sister’s barn in Vermont is an 18th century barn, across the road from her home of a similar vintage. The dirt road that runs between the buildings used to go up the hills and eventually up a notch past Mt. Ascutney. It’s called the Notch Road for that reason, but it’s now a biking/hiking trail beyond the last home.
The area is still a farming area, and the barn is still in use, with horses and donkeys, and the sound of cows and other livestock in the distance can be heard from the neighbour’s place. There are stone walls in abundance, and the hills are covered in large maples and other hardwoods. There are wild turkeys living on the hill behind, and up the mountain, and the brook that runs through the property has trout in it.
A pretty idyllic spot, and a kind of glimpse back into American history.
Rural New England certainly has a feel of home. A barn is part of that.