A Rose

Roses on an iPhone
It being almost Valentine’s Day, I gave Norma her roses a bit early and then looking at them could not resist the photo op for a still life.
My new iPhone – an iPhone 15 Pro Max – has a macro mode, so instead of the vase full of flowers, I thought what the heck, I’ll try out the macro mode just to see. The phone shoots in RAW, and the capture I got I think is really quite amazing. It’s a handheld shot of an individual rose from the bunch, shot on auto and then hardly tweaked at all in photoshop. I must say, I’m impressed.
I see more and more people travelling and taking photos with their phones, and can say it is something worth thinking about. When we travelled to England last May, I took my Nikon d850 and two lenses and had my old iPhone with us. If I’d taken the same images with this new phone, I’m not sure many of the photos could be told as to which equipment took the image – at least not on social media scale. It makes me think that the time has come where I can think of the iPhone as a backup to my main camera, so I no longer have to even think about two bodies on our trips.
Who’d a thunk it?