Food and Travelling
One thing about travelling that is a lot of fun for Norma and me is the opportunity to try out different food along our route. On the way down to Florida we ate at a wonderful diner in Maine and got a traditional New England meatloaf done with a modern twist, and at a sushi place in Massachusetts that served amazing food with inventive sauces. When we got to Virginia things got even more interesting, as once one gets south of the Mason Dixon, biscuits and sawmill gravy start showing up for breakfast at even chain motels, and then there was the supper in North Carolina that featured southern BBQ smoked chicken that had been slow smoked and then flash grilled – with an incredible sauce and traditional collards and hash browns for sides. Savannah meant going to Clary’s cafe – as seen in Forrest Gump, and their eggs benedict (Norma) and gyro dishes (me) were amazing.
Arriving in Florida, though, means fresh veggies like the artichokes for dinner last night, and fresh seafood like the coconut shrimp and grilled veggies from the night before. We already have grapefruit and oranges ready for the morning, so the traditions are kept as well.
Travelling and doing different food is great, for the taste buds anyway, but now…we need a walk!