Ripples on the Bay of Fundy

After our 6 weeks away, it is nice to be home. The sights of the South are interesting but one of the nicest things is to come home and then reflect on what one saw, but of course to also see what one now sees at home compared to “away”.
One of the neat things about photography is it can be done anywhere, so on my trips, while photography isn’t the sole, or maybe even the main, reason for my travels, it is always a part of the trip. I took my Nikon d850 and three lenses this time, and learned that that was really one too many. I could easily have shot with just my 24 and 50 f1.4 lenses – because I like to get close to my subjects. The one exception would be the day at Merritt Island and the wildlife, but even there, the 70-200 f2.8 I brought wasn’t a “must have”, it just made standing further back from the alligators more comfortable!
I also learned that my iPhone can document a lot, and so now that is actually more than a backup, it became part of my arsenal – for checking exposure if nothing else! Greta to have the instantly available large screen “what have I got here” on hand. I had been thinking about a “street camera” one smaller and less noticeable than my d850, and really, on this trip, I discovered the iPhone (an 8 plus if you’re wondering) has a nice enough camera to be able to take images that could even be printed to 8x10 without any issues.
Now the season here starts, though. Home again, and the slight ripples on the Bay remind me it’s time to get stirring from my calm – I’ve got shows and Gallery openings to prepare for – and as always a lot of shooting to do and to share with you all!