Our Front Yard

Living close to the sea is something my wife and I value greatly. Our property in Port Maitland overlooks the Bay of Fundy, and we own about 900 feet of shorefront. We love traveling to Florida, and the family place is on saltwater and a short drive to the beach. We lived in the Lockeport area of Shelburne County for over 20 years, and there, too, we were right on the shore. Something about the sea makes it hard to be away from, once you’ve experienced it.
There are issues right now that bother me about the oceans. Climate change is real and is causing changes to the shore. Water levels are rising and the weather is indeed changing. Pollution and general neglect for our planet shows itself greatly along the coast, as pieces of garbage drift ashore. Tourism is a lifeblood here, we are right next to a Provincial Beach Park, but if it got to be to the extent we’ve seen in some places, that could be worrisome as well – although the cold water here probably will prevent Port Maitland Beach from ever becoming like Miami!
So, I wandered down to our “front yard” and got this image just to be able to stand there in the dusk on the beach. There was mist forming as on warmer days with the water still so cold fog and mist are created quickly. I love the play of the motion of the water with the fading light from the setting sun as it shines on the sand and rocks. The smell of the salt air and the cry of the birds circling overhead adds magic to the scene. It can make you forget all about the rest of the world and simply appreciate where we are living.
I need to do this more often.