Durkee Mill Dam - on an iPhone

The Camera With You
There is a photography saying that “the best camera to use is the one that’s with you.”
So, a couple of days ago I went to our summer cottage and saw this familiar, yet always different, scene – the Durkee Mill Dam that borders our family cottage property in Deerfield, NS. Pretty, and I wanted a photo, but one small problem – I only had my iPhone 8 plus with me!
Now, the dam always is a great subject with the green of the forest, the stones of the old dam and the rushing water – but to make a nice image, I normally shoot my SLR (Single Lens Reflex) camera, and use a long exposure to let the water flow and give the sense of the motion. Apple to the rescue – the iPhone has a neat feature I discovered and can take a series of images which can then be easily blended together to show the apparent motion of the water, and yet give the image of the solid stones and verdant greens of the woods.
This is a great bonus, and explains why more and more images these days are being made with an iPhone. There is the disadvantage of not being able to enlarge the image too much beyond say 8x10 inches, but for the web – like Facebook or a website – or for a magazine, the result is more than just OK. As I travel and document the sights and the changes in the world we observe, the iPhone can become a more and more important tool to do some of that recording.
Like most people, I almost always have my iPhone on my person, and so there you go – the camera that is with me.