A Church in Oia, Santorini, Greece

Looking Back
Do you get those reminders on Facebook of “memories”, that is things you’ve posted over the years that the good folks in Zuckerburg-land think are worth re-sharing? I got one of these the other day and it did get me thinking. The current blog of mine is in the format it’s in because of a crash back a couple of years ago, which wiped out my first attempt at a blog when my Internet provider was attacked online and they had to wipe a server – including the link to the database my Wordpress platform was using. As a result, I handcoded an HTML 5 website, and that’s what you’re reading now.
However, that does mean my earliest work, which I shared in the pre-crash blog, isn’t available right here. But Facebook shows me what images I used.
So this week’s blog is a look back that originally was posted 6 years ago, when I started the blog, I was writing and showing images from a trip to Europe that my wife and I took in 2012. The image this week is from Santorini, Greece – one of the highlights of the trip. The small island towns of Fira and Oia are perched on the side of an old volcanic island in the southern Aegean Sea, about 200 km (120 mi) southeast of Greece's mainland. The lovely white homes and the deep blue of the sea are wonderful photographic subjects, even if the exposure is hugely tricky because of the contrast in the parts of the subject!
I thought it would be interesting to show some of these images from time to time as a way to make sure that they are seen still, so I think we’ll re-visit some of these places we’ve been and what interested us most about the culture and history of the places, and the wonderful variety seen in each environment – both naturally and as impacted by humans.