Our Home and the ponds and Bay of Fundy beyond

With the turn of the season to fall, our home becomes a very interesting spot. Not that it isn’t interesting all year, but the fall is, I think, my favourite season here. The geese and some migratory ducks like green wing and blue wing teal, have returned to the ponds below us, and we have flights of warblers passing through. Norma’s garden is fading to the fall colours, and so are the hardwood trees in our little woodlot.
Fall is a great time for photography here, as the fields, forests and watersheds all yield interesting subject matter, especially when you include the wildlife resident in such areas at this time of year. Soon, the trees will put on their annual show of colour, and the waterfowl will depart to be replaced by other birds coming from more northern climates, and eventually the cold will bring in frost and snow – but for now the fall is only just beginning and it’s a great time to get out and walk around and really look at what’s going on. Look and you shall see, to paraphrase Thoreau.

A panorama view of our home is on the Bill Curry Photography Facebook page here