Wave Breaking at Cape Forchu, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

Surf’s Up
We had a couple of storms this week – and one ongoing right now – that had winds in the 80 kph range or more. The winds of November along this coast bring in high surf as well, which while dangerous to the lobster fisherfolk who head out in a week or so, is certainly pretty to look at.
Of course, one has to be careful with getting these kinds of images, and every year someone wanders too close to the rocks and gets swept out to sea. My daughter and I got images like the one above this week, and we both commented that if one had fallen into that churning mass of saltwater, you wouldn’t survive long. So, we stood up by the lighthouse and used longer lenses to take our photos!
The surf was impressive as it broke onto the rocks on the beaches in the area, and we also saw wave action in several little ports along the way, but the waves at the foot of the rocky outcropping below the lighthouse were most impressive. I liked this wave action, though, too – this is surf at the very end of Cape Forchu, below and beyond the buildings that house the light and the old foghorn.
As fall continues and the winter gets closer, the storms get more intense, and the waves become a beautiful subject to try to capture in images. Beautiful, but powerful – and demanding of respect!