Belliveaus Cove Light, January 2019

Not Summer
It’s January in Nova Scotia, and the weather has taken a definitely wintry turn. We had wind chills this week of -20° C, which is below 0° F, so very cold!
That didn’t stop me from taking a few pictures on the way back from a trip to Digby, though – and so I made this image of the Belliveau’s Cove Lighthouse.
By stepping out of the car and taking a couple of shots with two or three perspectives.
Winter actually can be quite fun to be taking pictures in – the blues and whites are so dramatic, and the lower light of the angled sun makes the light falling on objects that much more dramatic. But, like we humans, the camera gear has to be protected, and that is where the professional Nikon gear comes in with its great weatherproofing. I also have for the human side some wonderful gloves. One pair is actually for shooting, thin leather jobs that allow for trigger feel, but work great on cameras as well. The other pair is what I had on this day, a pair of North Face Windstoppers - much more bulky gloves, but which have little pads on the finger tips that work on cell phones and camera screens!
So, while waiting for the relatively warmer days, with the temperature above freezing and no wind and sun glistening on the snow, don’t let a little thing like a -20 wind chill stop you from going out and getting some shots. Just be prepared for it, and keep your batteries warm (I carry a spare inside my parka pocket!)
After all, it’s not summer for another 6 months!