Smoked Beef Brisket over smoked Mac and Cheese

Travel Food
One of the things I like best about travelling is the food. I’m not sure I really like the term “foodie”, but I do admit to liking to eat out and that I enjoy cooking and trying out new things.
So, on our trips down to Florida to our family spot, Norma and I do try to seek out something beyond the plethora of fast food outlets along the major highways. This year, I prepared with the help of a friend who travels the Florida to New Hampshire corridor regularly, a page of places within a mile or two of I-95 that serve good BBQ – real Southern BBQ, meaning “low and slow” cooked by smoking over low heat food. I’m hoping to be able to try some of these places out, and maybe I’ll find another gem.
I say “another gem” because last year when we drove back we tried some spots out and found a couple of good ones, but nothing as good as just down the road from our place in Florida! After one aborted attempt to get in, the place is popular and small and fills up quickly, we got in to the Chill and Grill in Sebastian, Florida. Now, it’s not strictly a BBQ joint, as, for example, their premier appetizer are Crispy Duck Wings (that are out of this world, by the way), but they do have a smoker right there out back, and they know what they’re doing.
The image this week is of the beef brisket I had, smoked to perfection, tender and juicy, served over smoked Mac and Cheese and a side of Collard Greens and some chives and other greenery thrown in for good measure. It was superb, and shows that shrimp aren’t the only thing that Florida cooks can be known for.
When we were in Scotland I tried all kinds of local specialities, yes including haggis, which I quite liked, and came away with secret recipes like Sammy and Skink. That’s part of the fun of travelling to me – try different foods out, and then chat up the chef to find out what they did to make their dishes so good. I got taken out at the Chill and Grill to see the smokehouse out back, and I can see what he did to make that wonderful brisket. And I’ll be back to have some more soon!
Happy trails – and Bon Appetit!