Waterlily, McKee Gardens, Vero Beach, Florida

McKee Gardens, Vero Beach, Florida

It has become a tradition for us to visit McKee Gardens, and we have done so now every year we've come down to Florida. The 80 acre gardens put on a show no matter when we visit, with art from local or national artists, the beautiful grounds and the paths and interesting buildings. The heart of the show though is the flowers, and among those the waterlilies are the superstars. McKee has dozens of species of lilies on display with over 500 individual plants around the grounds. Water courses through the grounds in small brooks, and then pools, and in every pool, there are lilies.
The beauty of a tropical garden that showcases the varied flora of Florida and has species imported from around the world is an interesting concept. To have that kind of garden in a setting which also inspires with art (this time sculptures from noted American artist Seawrd Johnson) is incredible.
We love McKee and although it originally was designed as a theme park (a Jungle Park), what it has morphed into, to me, is far superior.
A place for reflection, inspiration and wonderment - the beauty in nature, preserved for all to see.
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