Bill Curry is an award winning professional Master Photographer specializing in Fine Arts as a Nature Photographer, Wildlife Photographer and Landscape Photographer. Bill Curry Photography is located in Port Maitland, Nova Scotia, Canada on the shores of the Bay of Fundy. Bill's work is sold at many fine art outlets and his photographs are proudly owned by people around the globe. People who are looking for images that celebrate the outdoors find Bill's work stirs their imagination, and helps people remember time spent in our shared environment. Bill Curry Photography is at the forefront in the field of Conservation Photography – Bill welcomes new clients, and if you see an image or an article that you wish to discuss, or want to have Bill give you a quote on his services, please feel free to contact him. The site will be updated frequently, so be sure to come back often to see what Bill is up to.

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“I love the whole photographic process, and coupled with writing about things I take pictures of it is my small way of conveying to people information about the places that make up our environment. If that helps move people to appreciate the earth and all its special areas and residents – all residents, be they human or wildlife – then I will count my efforts successful.”
Bill Curry
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Bill Curry Photography
3455 Highway 1, Port Maitland
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