A Lamb

Lambing Season
In Spring, the farms throughout the Province, and indeed around the globe, become much more cute and wooly.
It's lambing season!
Norma and I went to visit our neighbour down the road a bit, Annie, who owns the wonderfully named Foggytop Farm. It's a rite of Spring for us as we love to go visit Annie and her animal crew - an eclectic assortment of goats, chickens, cats and sheep. Wooly, cute sheep.
This particular day was sunny but cool so the youngest in the crowd wore a sweater (the image is on my Facebook page), but she also had two cute twin lambs who being a bit older were out gamboling in the field with their Mom au natural. Speaking of Mom, she's a huge big sheep with the personality of a dog - she loves to be petted and scritched and comes on command, in fact she comes anyway, without any kind of command! It's so much fun to watch the animals out in the fields, and even more fun to get up close and personal.
Annie says she eats lots of lamb, but this Mommy lamb won't ever be supper, she's just too much of a pet. I like lamb for dinner too - done Greek style with lots of garlic and a side of roasted potatoes, but I have to admit, watching these guys bouncing and prancing around, it's pretty tough to imagine them on a plate!
Farmers have to be tough, and know where the food comes from. I remember living in the Valley as a kid and a neighbour had two pigs. He made sure we all knew the inevitable destination of the creatures - he named them Oscar and Meyer!