Druie River, Scotland

Scotland - Part 3 - Inverness and the Spey River

Scotland – Inverness and the Spey River
Inverness is a very interesting area of Scotland, with a sad and tragic history nearby. The defining moment of the Scottish independence movement in the 1700’s occurred in a large moor quite close to Inverness, so we spent the day touring Culloden and then drove over to the Spey River Valley to see that historic fishing stream. The historic site at Culloden is amazing – there is an absolutely marvellous new interpretative centre there, and for a very modest sum one can view the history of the Battle of Culloden from the British viewpoint and from the Jacobite’s. One then is permitted to roam the actual battlefield, a large open moor that is perhaps 750 yards long and almost as wide. The British and Jacobite lines that were established are displayed, and there is a main monument explaining the battle and the result, and there are memorials to the fallen in many locations. Like Gettysburg in the US or the Plains of Abraham in Canada, it is both thought provoking and sad at the same time. There are well informed interpreters to help out, and there is a path that leads you through the battle scene. In the end, the place is a monument to the crushing defeat of the Scot’s dreams of independence, but it also reminds us of the folly of war and the nastiness of that effort.
Driving along the A9 it was a quick trip over to the Spey River Valley and the very pretty farming lands that border the river. We visited a Wildlife Centre where many animals native to Scotland, and some not native animals brought in for people to see, are on display, but the attraction to us was that during the drive through the park area of the Centre, we saw many wild birds, attracted to the area by the free food, no doubt. We drove down to the Spey itself, and watched some folks fishing a tributary, the Druie, including watching one youngster catch her first trout. The whole area is well worth a visit, and if more time allows, one can follow the river downstream and the various Whisky distilleries would be prime spots for a stop. We left Inverness the next day and headed toward the Isle of Skye – which is the setting for next week’s blog.
Culloden Monument


Black Headed Gulls
Spey River