Historic Gardens - Annapolis Royal, NS

Historic Gardens
The historic gardens in Annapolis Royal, NS really are a sight to behold! The Gardens are a carefully tended and chosen set of plantings that both harken to Nova Scotia’s history, but also put on a lovely show of differing plants and shrubs.
Norma and I went a week or so ago, we go several times a year, and we saw the lovely roses just coming out in the rose maze, and the end of the showy Golden Chain and the walk-through trellis. The vegetables gardens were just beginning, as it’s been wet this year, but the historic Acadian garden was very interesting with its planting as would have been done right here in the early 1600’s.
I feel an affinity for Annapolis Royal anyway, as my ancestry traces to several folk that called the place home – including my first Nova Scotian ancestor who was here as a Scottish immigrant in 1628! The image shows the early Acadian home that has been re-created on the spot, a demonstration of how those who came here as Canada’s first permanent European settlers might have lived.
It’s all wonderful, colourful and educational, and when you throw in genealogy and history, what more could you ask for? Well worth the visit – as is Annapolis Royal itself. One of my favourite places to play tourist near home!