Ducks - French Basin Marsh, Annapolis Royal, NS

On our way back from the city last week, Norma and I walked the French Basin Trail in Annapolis Royal. A leisurely 45 minute walk around the Ducks Unlimited project that features a wonderful gravelled trail, and views of the waterfowl and other marsh dwelling creatures that make the place their home. For some, the home is a temporary shelter – as many of the waterfowl and other birds that hang out at French Basin are migrants.
Early fall is a great time to do this trail, as the variety of birds becomes quite amazing. In the image this week, we can see Widgeon, Black ducks, Mallards and even a few Wood Ducks. Just out of frame were more birds – two types of Teal, a few grebes and even a Shoveller. Finn’s interest was peaked by a ring-necked pheasant in the grasses on the inland side of the trail, and there were also numerous warblers and sparrows flitting about.
Migration means it’s simply time for birds breeding in the north to begin to make their way to more favourable climes and ensure open water throughout the winter. Some birds that used to go much further south, now “short-stop” and don’t go nearly as far south – a real time example of the impact of climate change.
After the walk, we got back in the car and drove home, and as we turned in the driveway, overlooking the ponds in front of us, about 4 dozen Canada geese welcomed us. The pond will be full of waterfowl life from now until freeze-up! There are things to see and photograph in my future right around the property.
It’s migration time!