Sunrise Over Indian River, Florida

Calm in a Storm
Sitting along the Indian River in Florida, where this image was taken, it’s pretty easy to be sealed off from the clamouring noise that goes on outside the gate of our little community here. The river is peaceful and calm, while folks across the street at Publix (a large grocery store chain) scoop up hand sanitizer and Lysol wipes by the grocery cart full to help stave off the Corona virus. I’m not oblivious to the illness, but it does make me wonder what the lady in front of us yesterday shopping is preparing for with her cartful of wipes and toilet paper?
But, it is an unprecedented time. A global pandemic making its way around the globe, impacting everything from stock markets to sports. And travel.
In Canada, our public Universal Health Care, that we pay for through our taxes, covers everyone. In the US part of the issue here is that people without insurance, or not enough insurance, will not only get sick, but they will have a hard time paying for things. It makes me sad to see such a great country unable to see the sense of helping all its citizens.
Fishing in the morning by the river is peaceful and a joyous few moments away from 24/7 news and it is calming to watch the birds and witness the sun coming up over the river. But part of my calm is that I know I can depend on good health care at an affordable price.
That allows me to concentrate on other things.
Like the beauty of the world we live in. Despite the storms.