Apple Blossoms - Wallace Orchards, Port Maitland, NS

Apple Blossoms
There are certain things that move us to remember certain places and times. For me, having been born in New England but raised in a family with deep Nova Scotia roots, and having moved back here as a 15 year old, those things include many natural events.
Things like snow in early December in Vermont, the Christmas Eve service in Groton Massachusetts and then walking home in the snow, the pelicans and wading birds working the shore in Florida in late winter, the smell of clam flats in the summer, the sight of trout rising to mayflies, the foliage turning colour in the fall. All special moments in time. A very special one, though, is when the apple trees blossom in late May and early June. Living here in Yarmouth County, we have one or two orchards – like this one shown at Wallace Orchards here in Port Maitland. Beautiful as the variety of trees blossom and their fragrant smell adds to the scene of pretty white, pink and yellow blossoms. In the Valley, similar scenes are common and in New England as well. I guess it’s sight I’ve had everywhere we’ve lived and so the attraction to the event holds firm.
This week, Norma and I drove up to the Valley on what turned into a cloudy, gray day in Kings County, but we had fun anyway and saw the scene of thousands of apple trees bursting forth. When we got home we drove over to Wallace’s to see their orchard as it was full sun. Beautiful.
Despite the pandemic, nature carries on and reminds us of the timing of things. It won’t be long and the sights and smells of summer will be here. Maybe by the fall we’ll be able to travel a bit more and see the sights – if not, well, there’s lots to photograph right here at home!