The Drawbridge in Sandford, NS

Staying Local
One thing this pandemic has done is it has encouraged folks to stay quite close to home when doing our summer travels! The local B and B and other hoteliers have noted that the situation isn’t quite as desperate as it might seem, as Nova Scotians and some within the Atlantic “Bubble” (people who live in the 4 Atlantic Provinces of Canada may travel freely within the zone) have taken advantage of the weather and have responded to the call to “travel locally” and have been doing so in numbers.
My wife and I have been doing “day trips”, and have been driving around the Province a bit, and plan on doing trips a bit further afield later in the fall. I have also taken to doing little drives about the countryside right here in Yarmouth County. We sometimes forget people would love to be coming here, so it’s fun to go around and look at sights as if you were a tourist instead of a local.
I took a drive this week around the shore from our house to Cape Forchu, which meant I drove by Sandford. Sandford is a small fishing village, just down the road from Port Maitland, and it has a rather unique feature - the smallest drawbridge in the world. Located at the Sandford Wharf, the bridge was built so that the fishermen could cross from one side of the Sandford wharf system to the other without having to travel back on the road. The port is small, but the wharves are at different angles, so the bridge solved the problem elegantly. With a 15 foot or so daily tide, the bridge was made to be a drawbridge to allow the boats to pass through to the inner side.
There are many beautiful spots in the Province of Nova Scotia – it’s great fun and quite rewarding to travel about and take it all in.