Tray Bird Feeder

Bird Feeders
We recently had a cold snap, with temperatures that we hadn’t seen in a couple of years. In times like this, and with some snow on the ground, I do enjoy putting some food out for the birds. We have a couple of tube feeders, a pair of suet feeders and a tray feeder.
The tray feeder is interesting, as it attracts all kinds of birds, because a lot of the food I put on the tray gets spread by birds onto the ground where birds like pheasants and mourning doves will pick it up. As well, it makes for a good landing spot for the birds who’d prefer not to perch, particularly here in wind-swept Port Maitland.
The image this week is of a Junco and a pair of Tree Sparrows at the tray feeder on a morning where the temperature hit -12°C, and with a windchill closer to -20! They appreciated the handout, ate and quickly ducked back into the alders where they could get out of the wind.