Sandyland Ponds

Ice Out
Our property has a rather unique feature between us and the coast – we own an old commercial cranberry bog that is now a designated Conservation Area. Collectively known as Sandyland Ponds, the area of water in the ponds ebbs and flows with the amount of freshwater coming down Beaver River, and also with the amount of salt water coming in the river mouth where it runs into the ocean just north of our property line. We have our own little reversing falls going on!
In the Spring, an event we look forward to is ice out, and this year it has just happened. Like clockwork, as the open water appears so do the birds – we have many Canada Geese, various ducks and a pair of Bald Eagles back already. It seems they are very good at knowing just when the water will be open, and obviously keep an open eye on their preferred habitat.
I have cleaned and refreshed our swallow nesting boxes and we have cleaned up our trails down through the lower field so we can walk Sam down and have a look at what’s going on in the Ponds.
I love the ponds, and enjoy being able to witness nature up close. It gives me great pleasure to watch as the year unfolds and the “residents” come back home.
Peace, in a most unpeaceful time.

Blog Feb 4