Brook Trout

Trout Opener
April 1 is the traditional opening date for trout season here in our end of Nova Scotia. It is often rainy, sometimes very cold and generally just a rather typical early Spring day. But, it is the beginning of a whole new trout fishing season, and that is something looked forward to eagerly by many. Including me.
The image is one of my favourites from last season, a brook trout in my catch and release landing net on a river in Cape Breton. I’m hoping to visit there again this season, but today, I’ll go out locally and see if any of the trout want to come out and play.
This time of year, well most times actually, it’s more about going out to where the trout are – in our beautiful outdoors and along our beautiful watersheds. Fly fishing for native brook trout is something that simply makes that time more enjoyable.
And if the fish are willing to bite, it’s that much better.
Here's to a wonderful 2022 fly fishing season.

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