A Trug of Vegetables

It’s the middle of September and around here that means the garden is in full harvest mode.
At the start of the pandemic, I’d decided to make a little garden plot instead of using the half dozen raised beds I’d been doing – mainly because I wasn’t satisfied with what I was getting from the raised beds vs what I’d gotten before in my home gardens. So, in 2020 I tilled up a 20x20 foot section of the lawn, made small enough to protect it from deer and rabbits and other critters, but big enough to allow for some veggies for Norma and me.
The yield has been very satisfying. In the three years I’ve been doing it, I’ve played around a bit, but always building on my 50 plus years of gardening experience, so it wasn’t like starting from scratch. This season the zucchini has been prolific, as it was the first year, and the squash, Brussels sprouts and pumpkins are looking good and come a bit later. Right now, though, the tomatoes and corn are arriving, and that adds to the zukes and the odd carrot or summer squash still there. The beans, chard, beets and peas have gone by, but there is a treasure to come – we have several large artichoke plants, and we’ve had two globes already with quite a few more to come.
Home gardening is fun, and the really fresh veggies make a dinner special.
It’s harvest time in Nova Scotia!

Blog Feb 4