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Fall Rains
Lots of people around these parts have been hoping for rain to fill their wells before winter, and I guess they got their wish!
In October this year here in Port Maitland we got almost 230 mm of rain, which is just about double the normal according to my weather station’s almost 10 years of records. Along with the rain, we have also had a number of record high temperatures for the month as well, which leads me to think about the impacts of climate change.
The UN just issued a pair of reports and while the good news is that the world has managed to cut down on CO2 emissions and thus has slowed the rate of temperature change, we still haven’t done enough to avoid some very dramatic climate issues in the near future.
Canada has done a good job of limiting emissions, but sadly here in Nova Scotia we are still dependent on coal and oil for much of our electrical power, and our corporate Nova Scotia Power seems uninterested in really making any effort, constantly saying it will cost consumers more. What they don’t mention, on purpose, is that the cost of NOT doing things, and quickly, will be far higher.
As the US enters the last weeks of its elections, one hopes people will think about the future and ask their candidates what their stand is on climate change and how they hope to make a difference.
The rain squalls like this one are pretty, and fun to watch, but the climate is changing and we need to be aware that if we don’t take steps immediately, we will be in for some serious issues within the lifetimes of our children.

Blog Feb 4