Braebirch in Summer

The Cottage
65 years ago, my parents bought the family summer cottage in Deerfield, and thus began my direct association with Nova Scotia.
The property, named by the family Braebirch, was an old fishing and hunting camp, that had seen guests such as Babe Ruth stay there while trout fishing or woodcock hunting with guides from the area. It has, in our family’s care, had more Guide events, as for years it was the base for my Tight Lines Guide Service, and I gave Guide training courses there as well. The cottage figures prominently in my book, as it has earned its place in Nova Scotia fishing history.
The cottage is more than that however, it is a place our entire family goes to for quiet moments of reflection, for paddling the lake, for fishing adventures, to watch birds and other wildlife, to swim, to mess about in boats and most importantly to be with family.
I drove in to the cottage this week, as we’re thinking of some repairs to the place, and once again as I drove up the cedar lined drive and then entered the cottage, I was instantly at home and felt somehow more peaceful and connected. The old family photos help, but the place itself is just such a testament to family, to the outdoor life and to generations of people who simply wanted to be together and relax.
I wish for everyone a place they can have such peace and the warmth of family.
It is invaluable.