Sunrise Over the Indian River

I am an early riser, and always have been.
It comes from growing up on a farm with animals that would not wait for breakfast, and from my pastimes like fly fishing and photography. Some people think that strange but look at what they are missing – the image this week was taken at dawn from just a few steps in front of my parent’s place in Florida. The sun rising over the Indian River.
Oh, and the manatee in the marina, and a tarpon rolling alongside in there as well. Pelicans flying along the river, numerous other waterfowl starting their day, and a few passing close by to say “Good morning”. I am certain that’s what the cardinal is saying to me, and it’s joined by all kinds of feathered friends.
Of course, there are fish out here, too – you can see one jumping, and yesterday I caught a large bluefish and a friend caught a massive Jack Crevalle.
You never know.
And the day has only just begun…