Aspy River, Cape Breton, NS

Tight Lines Progress
My book, Tight Lines, is at an exciting stage, so an update:
The work is now almost ready for the printer’s!
One last look see to check for any changes needed, but it is exciting! The book will have almost 3 dozen of my photographs, which are now in place, and the initial pre-press of the book has been sent out to reviewers – and they like it!
I just got the cover design yesterday, which is the front, back and spine, and I am very pleased with the way it looks. The book details my journey as a kid from worm drowning fisherman to a flyfisher and Professional Fishing Master Guide, and how I became an environmentalist and conservationist along the way. I am thrilled to see the work at this stage, and am looking forward to a book launch in late May.
The image this week is one of the photographs in the book – this one of the Aspy River in Cape Breton, a place Norm (Norma’s Dad) and I fished a number of times, and where Norma’s family settled upon immigrating from Scotland in the very early 1800s. This image is taken just steps from the old family farm site, which we visited just last summer.
Time to go out flyfishing now here in Nova Scotia, and to renew my bond with the rivers that flow where we call home.