Wind Turbines at Pubnico Point, Yarmouth County, NS

Green In 2024
Here we are in a new year, and of course the big event for 2024 may occur in November, when the American President is elected. Norma and I walked the Pubnico Ledge Trail this past week, which loops around one of the older wind farms in the Province. It got me thinking that 2024’s election may be one of the most impactful ever for our American friends and family.
You see, every single Republican candidate in the primary races this year has stated that they either don’t believe in human caused climate change (that would include Trump) or they know that climate change is real, but would only go so far as taking action to deal with the aftereffect, but not the causes (that would include Haley and DeSantis). Only Chris Christie has actually acknowledged that the 90%+ of scientists are worth listening to and that some climate change avoidance measures should be initiated, but even he says so with several caveats.
As Canadians, we are not immune to this foolishness, as the current Conservative leader has not committed to the Paris accord, and like Trump (who has pledged to again withdraw the US from the agreement) has no plans to actively do things to avoid climate change getting worse, let alone make the current state of things any better. To them, it’s all about money and a wrong-headed thought that somehow addressing climate change is more costly than what will come later if not addressed now.
Walking among the windmills, at least we can see that Nova Scotia has made some small steps to make things better. We still as a Province depend almost 50% on fossil fuels for our electrical generation, but at least all Parties are working toward solutions to this problem, and all acknowledge the issues facing a relatively low lying and coastal area like Nova Scotia should we not act soon. You’d think candidates like Trump and DeSantis, who both live in Florida, would also catch on to what may happen soon, as Florida has already felt the direct impacts of climate change, but apparently the love of money speaks much more loudly, as do the financial donors like the oil and coal companies giving to both campaigns.
So, here’s hoping collectively our American neighbours think hard about this in 2024 and elect people who listen to science and have at least a passing thought for the planet as a whole and what we’ll be leaving to our children and grandchildren.
It's a very important year.