Sunset over the Bay of Fundy

As we enter March, and get nearer to Spring, it is nice to go back to the beach and start taking sunset images again. Not that I couldn't do sunsets in the winter, it's just that on our beach, the wind coming off the saltwater would make such an excursion quite brief!
That time between about an hour before and an hour after the sun sets is called by photographers the "golden hours". Along with the same time period in the morning, an hour before dawn and up to an hour after, the light from the sun strikes the atmosphere at an angle and so the light is scattered into golden, warm light - light that can illuminate everything in a warm glow. The photo I chose this week shows the warmth of the low sun on the clouds, but we can tell that the water and the beach is still cold!
For us, it's time to head to more southern climes, to our family place in Florida, and the much warmer beaches that will be of interest to me - especially during my morning ritual of fishing on the Indian River at sunrise to begin the day. The birds will be going in an opposite direction, we've already seen migrating geese here in Port Maitland in our ponds, and after our visit we'll be joining them and come home again. Our beach here changes frequently, as wind and tide move sand and rock, and it will be fun to see the changes in the river I fish daily.
Fun to plan for the trip, and fun to think ahead to the sunrises and sunsets to come - both down South and here at home.