Tight Lines
While Norma and I love Nova Scotia, we also enjoy getting away for a few weeks during the winter. For me, the opportunity to get away to our family home in Florida means I get to start fishing a month or so early!
For five generations, we've had a place on the Indian River, just north of Vero Beach, Florida. The apartment overlooks the river, and it is a short walk to the docks and the banks of the inlet, so I fish most mornings. As opposed to Nova Scotia, where the species of fish you target is normally what you'll get, in Florida's salt water, you never know what might come swimming by.
One of my favourite fish down here is the ladyfish. A relative of the tarpon, the ladyfish is a smaller version of that reknown gamefish, but has many of the same attributes. They hit hard, jump and fight well - and are a thrill to catch n light spinning tackle or on a fly.
Florida, wisely, has a recreational salt water license, and the fees go to protecting and enhancing the sport. As well, Florida protects the fish by having strict "slot limits" - that is the fish caught have to be between a certain size to be kept, thus protecting the young and the larger breeding fish. Smart conservation.
I release all my fish down here, and see many other anglers doing the same thing. Conservation is a way of life and heartily accepted here. I wish it were the same in our home Province!