It’s early Spring in Nova Scotia, and that means the cycle of life begins again. I got this image of a lamb last year at just about this time, and on a drive today I saw calves and some lambs out already. Life cycles on a farm.
The inland water temperatures are still cool, but they are warming fast, and as the temperature approaches the magic 10° C the mayflies will begin hatching and the trout will rise for them and start the fly fishing season. The geese and loons are already back from the South, and hummingbirds have been spotted in New England, so soon they’ll be buzzing about here as well. The white-throated sparrows are singing their Canada song and the chickadees ad their tuneful chirping.
My wife’s flowers are late this year, but the crocus are out fully and the daffodils and tulips are just beginning. The forsythia is just about to bloom as well, which will be followed by the choke cherry blossoms – that coincide with the mayfly hatches!
To those who care to look, we can see the Province is awakening from our long, cold winter. It’s time to get out and enjoy what nature has for us as life begins anew in our little corner of the planet.
It’s a wonderful time of the year to get out and try to capture the beauty that is around us.