Sunset on our Beach

One of the nice things about living on the ocean and facing west is that we get to view a lot of sunsets. Our home is 50 feet above sea level and overlooks our beach frontage on the Bay of Fundy facing west toward Maine and New Brunswick some 200 km away. This means we get to see a lot of fog, a lot of snow being driven off the bay, and a lot of sunsets.
Sunsets are fun to shoot because each one is different. The colours change by the second, and the mood does as well. Some sunsets are brilliant and colourful, like this one of our beach facing north, and some are simply the yellow sun dipping into the blue ocean. They are all interesting to watch, and one thing about our vantage is that the view changes all the time!
We watch the sunsets in other places – including on Sanibel Island in Florida where you have to pay for the privilege (to park your car on the beach costs $2!) – but it does seem to me that there is something special about Nova Scotia sunsets and the clarity of the sky. Sunsets are a favourite time of the day for me, especially as they lead into night, and our wonderful deep sky star gazing opportunities in this, a designated dark sky area by UNESCO.
All this to say, I like watching the skies and often find myself pointing my camera skyward. It’s something many just take for granted or don’t even notice. Those folks are missing something.
As the TV show used to say – “Keep looking up!”