Walton Lighthouse

Walton, NS
Labour Day weekend and so we packed the family into the Camry and did a small loop from Dartmouth, NS to the Noel shore and back. Going up all kinds of little roads we hadn’t seen before yielded some amazing vistas and incredible sights – as we hit the Bay of Fundy at absolute low tide.
The first stop was for a quick tour of a beach, where we all were amazed at the vast expanse of sand and red mud left by the outgoing tide. We then drove to a new spot – and a picnic lunch at a beautiful lighthouse in Walton, NS.
Now, it looks a bit weird to have a lighthouse on a 60 foot or so high cliff overlooking nothing but a muddy landscape, but at high tide of course that all fills in as here the Bay of Fundy rises more than 50 feet on an average tide. The lighthouse, built in 1873, guards the entrance to Walton village, which used to be known for a barite mine. A small picnic park and gift shop is now a local project and the view from the area is outstanding.
It's really fun to tour your own “home Province” and see what little treasures one can uncover. Next week – we continue along the Glooscap Trail!