Durkee Mill Dam in January

Looking Ahead
Even with the terrifically cold weather this week, there is still a lot of open water around these parts. I drove in to our family cottage in Deerfield and couldn’t pass up the chance to get a picture of one of my favourite scenes – the old Durkee Mill Dam that spans the Annis River on our property.
The scene got me thinking ahead to the coming trout season, and Spring in general, and all the newness that will come with it. The old dam represents the past, but also plays a part in the coming seasons, as the flow out of our lake is somewhat influenced by the old gates lying under water now. In the summer, that same bit of concrete and stone holds the water level up a bit in our lake and makes the pools that I love to fish just above it.
Despite the -20 wind chill and the snowy day today, we can all look forward to the warmer days to come and dream of the fish lying there waiting for me. Makes me want to sit down and tie some flies…think I’ll go do that.
Have a great February!