Indian River Sunrise, Florida

Indian River
For 34 years, Norma and I have been coming to our family’s place in Florida located in Sebastian, just north of Vero Beach on the east coast. The location is ideal for what I love, as there is great opportunity for photography, a nice little golf course and best of all, we’re steps from the Indian River and the superb fishing that is available, plus the wildlife viewing.
There have been changes over the decades; the highway out front is busier, there are a LOT more trucks, there is development in the form of more and more subdivisions and gated communities, and even the staple of the orange and grapefruit groves had changed as Hales has closed their Sebastian warehouse and moved further inland.
But, much has stayed the same. The Indian River still has amazing wildlife, despite the threat last summer of red tide, and the fishing is amazing. The pelicans still fly overhead and go across the river to the Refuge, and when we arrived here this year, there were three manatees in the marina.
I hope that in the coming years much of that doesn’t change. Climate change and rising ocean levels and temperatures could wreak havoc, but if we pay attention and work at it, we can limit the damage. Of course, that means we need to tell our representatives that they need to work to help the environment, and that we expect them to always keep in mind the future and the place we are leaving for our children and their children.
May there always be manatees, pelicans and fish in the Indian River!