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Coastal Port Maitland, Nova Scotia, Canada is located overlooking the Gulf of Maine in Port Maitland, Nova Scotia, Canada. 

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Coastal Port Maitland, Nova Scotia, Canada weather station received an award for excellence in reporting from Environment Canada in 2014 and from the CoCoRaHS network in 2015 through every year including 2021.

Latitude: 43° 59' 35" N (deg min sec), 43.9930° (decimal), 4359.58N (LORAN)
Longitude: 66° 8' 49" W (deg min sec), -66.1468° (decimal), 06608.81W (LORAN)
Elevation: 16 metres (52 feet) -- validated against 12 metres (41 feet) from NED 1 arc-second: Contiguous United States Mexico and Portions of Canada
Location: Port Maitland, CA
Weather station Manager/Operator: Bill Curry
Station type/software: WeatherCat V3.12, Build 34 (64 bit) / Davis Vantage Pro 2 and is using a Davis Weather Link Live to report to CWOP, WU, Cape Breton Mesonet and to Davis Cloud
The station runs on an Apple iMac computer running Big Sur (macOS 11.0.1)
This station has been running since January 2012 and online since January, 2013
Below are two images of the station setup - a Davis Vanatge Pro 2 Wireless Integrated Sensor Suite (ISS) mounted on a post that is sitting 5 metres above the level of our house on a raised berm.
The other image is of the anemometer, on another post 5 metres high backed on to the ISS site. The Vanatge Pro 2 console is inside in a line of sight from the ISS, and has a repeating console in our master bedroom.



The entire station is backed up by a Maximum Instruments analog weather station, and a manual CoCoRaHS rain and snow collector with a snow board.

This station provides live weather feeds and information to:
The Citizen Weather Observer Program (CWOP), Weather Underground, Environment Canada, The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Adminsitration (NOAA), The Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network, The Weather Network,
and over 800 organizations that monitor the servers of the NOAA findU service which is where the live feeds for this station are stored.
A partial list of these organizations includes:
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
NWS Weather Forecast Offices
National Center for Environmental Prediction
National Ocean Service
National Transportation Safety Board
National Center for Atmospheric Research
Denver Urban Drainage and Flood Control District
Colorado Avalanche Information Center
Kennedy Space Center
NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
MIT Lincoln Laboratories
University of Utah
Penn State University
Mississippi State University
University of Alaska
University of North Dakota
Hampton University
Texas A&M University
University of Hawaii
Florida State University

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