Misty Sunrise at the Lake

Around here Fall really is one of the nicest seasons. We get cooler evenings and overnight, but the days are still nice, some bordering on warm. Which means that in the early morning, the air temperature is cooler than the water temperature and so we get a wonderful misty morning sometimes, like during this last week.
I went out yesterday and caught this image of a small tree, silhouetted against the mist over the lake down the road from our house, just as the sun was rising. With the loons calling and geese honking overhead, it was a very magical time to be out and about.
Soon, the leaves will turn colour and the trees themselves will be alight with colour. That also harkens a time when it will get much cooler soon, and then everything will change as the winter approaches.
Fall nature watching here is brief, but intense.
I’ll get out and enjoy Thoreau’s “low-anchored cloud” as often as I can.