Doe Deer and Twin Fawns in our Yard

Oh Deer
We have quite a few deer around our home, with the fields, marshes and woods that make up our property being a favoured habitat for deer. With the mild winters in the last couple of years, and the lack of hunting pressure on the deer locally, there seems to be an abundance of these lovely animals in the entire Yarmouth County area.
This is fun and interesting to watch, but can lead to issues with increasing numbers of car/deer incidents and the fact that the deer like to eat what my wife and many others plant for decoration! We can’t grow tulips and some other showy flowers – as they are species that simply get mowed by our deer!
This week, we’ve seen the deer moving more in daytime. They are always around at night – their sign showing the next morning – but this past week or so, we’ve been treated to the sight of the young doe and her two fawns that live on our property. The image this week was taken just yesterday as the trio walked up our path and then right through the yard nibbling the freshened, wet grass right behind the house!
As long as they don’t eat the young apple trees nearby, I welcome them, but I do hope they stay off the road out front!