Spruce in the Fog

This summer has been one of THOSE summers so far – we have had many days in a row now of foggy mornings!
I remember as a kid in the 1960s there was one Yarmouth County summer of something like 2 months of days like this in a row, so much so the local newspaper ran a photo of the sun when the fog finally lifted. We are a very foggy place by times.
I may have contributed to the fog last night, as the sun broke through briefly in Port Maitland yesterday afternoon, and with grandson Theo coming to visit tomorrow, I got all excited and figured I’d get my big telescope ready. I did some cleaning and aligning and so on, and 2 hours later the fog rolled back in!
The image this week is of a spruce tree in the fog, and it is one of my images hanging currently in the Teichert Gallery at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. It seemed to be an appropriate image for this week’s blog.
A blog about fog.