Hillaton, Nova Scotia - 1971

Revisiting Older Images
A few years ago, on our way to Florida, Norma and I went with my sister to an Ansel Adams exhibition in Boston at the Museum of Fine Arts. One of the things we noted about Adams’ work was that over the decades he’d work on images he took and reprint them, changing them slightly with each printing, so that a photo taken 40 years earlier might be quite different from the one he printed later on.
I have been looking through old photos from our family, and while most were taken by my Dad, I now have quite a few of my earlier photos as well. I may have to re-visit some and see what I can do with them, as I quite like some, and think they could be improved with some editing. The image this week was taken in 1971 at our family’s brand new home in Hillaton, Kings County, Nova Scotia. I like this image as it shows the Minas Basin on a cold winter’s morning, with the sun coming up over the mist and shining on the sleeping apple trees in our orchard. I played with just a bit, and I like the result, it’s a film negative and that adds some texture we don’t get today.
It's fun looking through old images, and seeing what I was shooting at the time, and how things have changed over the decades.