Our Home in Port Maitland

Christmas Lights
When I was a kid, we were very fortunate to have two homes. We lived in a wonderful mid-1700s home in the middle of Westford, Massachusetts, next door to my hometown of Groton, MA where my mother’s family has lived for almost 400 years. We also, though, had a house in Londonderry, Vermont – a ski chalet that we drove up to every weekend and holiday from November to April to use as a base to go skiing, mainly at Magic Mountain which my Dad had bought shares in when it was first formed.
This meant that our Christmas decorations were put out on our Westford home, but I don’t remember them much, because most of the time we spent during the holidays would be in our chalet. Because it was a second house, a simple string of lights across the railing of the balcony was what sufficed, and in the snow it was beautiful as the lights would burn little holes in the snow on the rail and shine through.
It sort of became a tradition for Norma and me then when we got married to have simple strings of lights out, draped over a bush or trees, and we do also like candles in the windows. Lots of folks go way beyond this, and their festive lights are very pretty to look at, but for me the holidays are about family and the simple pleasure of being together.
As we approach Christmas and have all the other holidays going on around us, I wish all a safe and family filled time. And a heartfelt wish for peace.